Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I am back, not a Blogger exclusive I do still have my WordPress Blogs Here: Where I post a single blog for; TrinityHawk Photography & Multimedia , Go Green WNY, plus I post a Spiritual Blog about my life's journey and about my studies of religions.  I also answer questions as people comment and ask questions.  I offer to post people's stories if they wish to submit them on their own life journey into the spiritual world.

 But, I have too many friends on on Google+ and Blogger +Native American Encyclopedia , +Naila Moon , +Joseph Beck , +Autumn-Diana Standingwolf  +Rochelle Testa +Thomas Schwartz +Trey Ratcliff  Just to name a few so I thought I would come back to Blogger and post here too!

What have I missed? Anything good? Catch me up - I feel like the long lost friend who has been gone on a trip and is trying to catch up on on the gossip *chuckle*.

As for me, I have been extremely busy!  I am now running two businesses not just my Photography and Multimedia  Business but also a Go Green Work At Home Business.

My most recent photo shoot was a birthday shoot of an one year old little girl, here are a couple of photos from that shoot.

I am also working on some commission paintings at the moment for a silent auction and for a client who paid for some prints of computer paintings.  Here is one of the computer paintings complete and ready to be sent to the printers:

This is the Green Lateran - My client requested this painting and also that it be printed on Metallic paper so that the bright colors POP out and shine.  I am excited to receive this back from the printers and see it myself!  I take a picture of it when I receive it and post the picture of the print itself!

I also am part of a joint art show this coming Friday.  It is an Up-Cycle & Recycle art show.  I hope to have some time to take pictures while at the opening so that I can post the pictures either Friday evening or Saturday morning.  So, keep an eye out for them!

As far as my Spiritual blog goes, my latest blog was about a book I have been reading and signs. The book I have been reading off and on was "In The Arms of Angels" by: Joan Wester Anderson - Below is a bit of what was written, to read the rest follow the link provided....

I am a big believer in messages coming from anywhere even inanimate objects. With this belief I have this book, “In The Arms of Angels” laying on the floor next to my bed, every time I looked at the book I could hear in inner voice say “read me”.  Finally this afternoon I picked up the book and begin to read, it was a great inspiration for this blog… (To read more click here).

I am also very excited about the new adventure that my wife and I have taken a jump into we didn't baby step into this adventure, nor did we gently step into it, we JUMPED into it with both feet because we feel so sure about it.   Go Green All Natural Products.  You can become a Preferred Customer Only OR become a work at home Market Exc like we have choose to do.   We partnered with a company that is a 27 year old distributing company, who distributes products that every family uses, day in and day out, from house hold cleaning supplies to tooth paste and vitamins, and even gum!

Our products use no harmful chemicals and many of them are patented or patented pending.  The Parent Company we have partnered with has received many prestigious awards from organizations like Better Business Bureau, USA Today, Ernst & Young, The US Chamber of Commerce, Etc.  They did over $1 Billion in annual Sales this year alone and carry NO debt!  That is a biggy!

Not only do they produce green products but they practice what they preach which is one of the things that swayed my wife and I into JUMPING on board!   Below is a video about how our Parent Company sees going Green and how they got started.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity either as a customer of some really wonderful products which are super concentrated and priced at 30 to 60% off or as a work at home Exc like I am then please either email me or contact me here on blogger in the comments OR click this link here!

On top of all this My sister is being deployed over seas in just a few days, she is going to be one of the brave men and women who serve on the front lines!  She is Army MP so she is going to be serving as Military Police and enforcing laws and order on the boarders of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.  Please, I ask prayers, thoughts of white light, what ever is your way of praying be sent her and her battle group safe and only have to be gone for the year they are told and not have it extended like so many others!

Ok, that is all for now, I will be back.

Until Next Time; Safe Surfing, Healthy Marketing, and Many Blessings:

Trinton "TrinityHawk" Garrett

Friday, August 31, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I haven't been posting here much I admit, but it seems I have more followers, more people who like, love, and comment on my posts on wordpress and even Tumblr blog then I do on this blogger site.  So, why should I keep this one?  That is the question, can anyone who is following me (which isn't many) answer that question?

I know this blogger site connects directly to my goggle+, I know I do have a few followers on here, It was around before wordpress, and tumblr was .. but I have lots more followers on both those blogs AND they  respond to my posts.  I don't feel like I am writing into thin air or writing and talking to a wall.

I could really care less how many followers I have, sure it would be nice to know I am reaching more people with my wondering thoughts , my art work and maybe making a few people think a bit - at least to hit the "Like/ Love button" or respond with their own wondering thoughts.  I love a good conversation once in awhile.

BUT, I get none of that here on Blogger.  I have to go in my stats to see if any of my posts are even being looked at and SOMETIMES that answer is no not a single person has looked at them and other times sure enough a good number has looked at them but hasn't responded in any fashion.

So, question.....Should I stay or should I go??????

Blue Moon

There are years that pass between these thirteenth moons, the next one after tonight is expected to be 2015.   You would expect that such a rare occurrence certainly would have attracted the attention of the ancients who paid far more attention to the heavens than we do today.

The ancients tracked the moon and sun in a "scientific" way, true scientist today wouldn't of called it scientific but it was as scientific as you would get back in the ancient times.  They traced the moon and sun acrossed a fixed calendar and you would suspect they noticed something like a thirteenth moon, as it is an exception to a normal rule in nature.

Some ancients gave the moon mystical powers and so plans made under the "Blue Moon" would come true, though your wishes may be more then you want, because they have more power behind them on this night.

Some Native Americans drew constellations, created folklore and built structures in alignment with the sky long before Europeans arrived on American shores in order to track the motions of the Sun to help them decide when to plant crops, move their camps, or stage sacred rituals, among other processes in their lives.  Every part of nature had a part in their life, they were connected to nature and nature was connected to their lives, a complete circle.

The September Moon was actually titled "Green Corn Moon" because this was a time for harvesting the corn in the field, but the "Blue Moon" became to be known as that due to the phase "once in a blue moon".

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your help is needed for a mission

Please go to  www.missionsmallbusiness.com  and vote for TrinityHawk Photography I am trying for a Business Grant but need to get 250 votes and only have 8 votes at the moment.

I would appreciate your help, if you so except this mission!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Press Release Opening Gala

What secret inspirations hide in the mind of an artist?

Come to the opening night Gala of “Depth of a Soul” and find out!

Main (ST)udios presents TrinityHawk’s “Depth of a Soul.” The exhibit’s opening night Gala is Friday March 23 2012, 8pm – 12am at 515 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14203. Admission is free to the public.

“Depth of a Soul” showcases over 60 pieces of artist Trinton ‘TrinityHawk’ Garrett’s multi-media art, installations and photography. Garrett has been creating impressionistic and abstract art for over 20 years and this solo exhibit celebrates his step into creating art full time.

His work pulls the mysterious and insightful out of the ordinary, gifting the viewer with another way of viewing the world.

The opening night Gala offers drinks, food, good music, great art and insightful conversation. Academics often lecture about their theories on what inspires an artist. This is your chance to ask the artist himself and find out what inspires him and how he views the world.

There will be a special presentation of an autographed print or painting to Jen LaSalle, the winner of Garrett’s Name My Exhibit Contest held last month. Garrett offered a list of facts about himself and his art to the contestants from which they drew inspiration to name the exhibit. The prize will be chosen by the winner.

Garrett will be raffling off one of his original wax paintings. Half of the proceeds from the raffle will go to benefit the Chautauqua County Hospice in memory of his late mother, Marjorie Louise Garrett-Raynor.

The Exhibit runs March 23rd 2012 through April 6th 2012. After opening night you may visit the Exhibit, Monday and Wednesday through Saturday 12pm – 8pm. The Exhibit is closed Tuesday and Sunday.

Garrett is the owner of TrinityHawk Photography, a fully functioning art and portrait studio located in Downtown Buffalo, NY. Many of Garrett’s pieces displayed in “Depth of a Soul,” as well as those displayed in his studio, are available for purchase.